Artist Kevin Sudeith has renewed the most antiquated art, carving petroglyphs, and infused it with contemporary life.

Kevin Sudeith is a Minnesota-raised and New York-based artist with a masters degree in painting and a longtime fascination with rock art. Since 2007, he has carved his way across North America, living out of his van, depicting in stone the lives and stories of the people and places he visits.

"It is storytelling and documenting, in a lasting way, some of the cool stuff from our moment in time. My hope is that people see themselves in the images I carve and feel a place in history."


"Sudeith uses chisels and battery-powered tools to create bas-relief renderings that exhibited perspective, depth and detail."
--The New York Times

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On The Road

From Berkeley, California to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Sudeith's travels have brought him in touch with communities both small (Ingomar, MT, Pop: 8) and large (Grand Rapids, MI). He works by invitation from friends and people he encounters on the road. His work explores the local culture, industry, and environment.

"It's about leaving little surprises for intrepid explorers -- a type of public art that takes place far away from high-traffic galleries and plazas."

Works on Paper

From his petroglyphs Sudeith makes a unique sort of work on paper called an impression. Wet paper, or in some cases paper pulp, is pressed over a freshly-painted petroglyph, creating a colorful, embossed negative--a sculpture in paper.

"The prints are the emissaries of the carvings back to town, or society."

Large Works on Paper

Later, in his studio, Sudeith prepares collages from paintings, photos of carvings, impressions, and stencils made from impressions. His goal is to inculcate the spatial relationships between the remote petroglyphs and the local works on paper.

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Sudeith's petroglyphs are presented through an array of media: impressions, collage, photography, a database, and time lapse video. His videos docuement both the creation of the imagery as well as Sudeith's physical presence at the petroglyph site. The videos are designed bo be viewed briefly, like here, or slowly in a gallery space.

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