Local Fishery


The Fish Factory maintains a small connection to the local fishery, and here is the first catch of my visit.

The top image is the Atlantic Wolffish, which takes its name from its ferocious teeth. It also has a toothy plate on the roof of its mouth for crushing shellfish.

The lower photo are skate, which the fisherman showed me with enthusiasm. I did not understand his enthusiasm until he explained the fish were reserved for fermentation. They are put into plastic bags and set aside for six weeks to two months while they ferment. If I am lucky enough to be invited, I get a taste in a few weeks.

Atlantic wolffish

Skate for fermentation.
These skate are reserved for fermentation. Same principal as the famous Icelandic shark, but done with skate. The fisherman said it will be ready in 6 weeks. Looking forward to some trepidation.

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