Looking for Rocks in Stöðvarfjörður

Upon arrival in Stöðvarfjörður, I immediately set upon finding rocks to carve. There was one just east of town that they used to shatter for gravel. There was one out by the point, but that is the protected Harp Rock. I found a beautiful vein running from the road to the water, but I learned those beauties are on private property. We pitched the landowners, all 13 of them, but those rocks are probably non-starters.

So, Saturday, I set out again on the ‘land of many owners’ which is controlled by the municipality. The rock are not a big or smooth as the rocks of the 13 Owners, but they will do nicely. I hiked, photographed, and plotted on the map. The photos below are some of the options that I requested a permit from the Municipality. Fingers are crossed while I bide my time in idleness.

Petroglyph rock
HIking around looking for rocks.
Rock art
Saturday spent looking for potential sites for a petroglgyph
Petroglyph rock
Hiking around looking for rocks near Stöðvarfjörður
Petroglyph rock?
Hiking outside Stöðvarfjörður looking for rocks to carve

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The Winter Cyclist

This cyclist ascending the freshly opened road between Reyðarfjörður and Egilsstaðir. We traversed it a few days before, and it was rough going. What this cyclist does not know is that the 8 foot drifts have left a kilometer of ice and slush that runs six inches thick.

Winter time bike riding
Man riding bike up snow covered mountain shortly after it was reopened after heavy snow.
Snow covered mountain
The snow is just beginning, but in 36 hours the road will be closed for a day, and it will reopen shortly before the cyclist makes his accent.

Heading back to the residency in Stöðvarfjörður

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Jet Impressions

The spatial relationship between the rock jets and the viewer of the works on paper constitutes the overarching form of each of my works of art as a whole.


These prints are indexed in a relational database which is potentially the most ephemeral, yet most central component of the aerospace perspective.

unnamed (4)

The Moose Petroglyph



Here’s the Moose Rock with the Aspy Bay and Cape North in the background.  My intention was to carve fish and fishermen, but my host argued that people there ate as much moose as fish, so I carved this moose.

Below,  shows the carving painted for printing and a rice paper impression made from the carving.







NPR Reveals My Simple Secret , ‘My Art From Life’


Philosopher and author,  Alva Noe, characterizes my work well:

” The very project, then, is a social experiment; the artist works with rock and carving, but he also works with this more immaterial material of delicate social relations and community. This is no less the stuff of his art.”

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