Telluride, CO

When I was here in Telluride during the financial crisis in September 2008, I began a carving a panel at about 9000 feet above sea level. It is located several switchbacks up the road from the patron’s ranch house on a sheep trail. It took a week of hiking to find two suitable sites to make petroglyphs. In 2008 I began work on the more remote and less “architecturally” significant panel. I saved the the more substantial site until I had more time to work, like now.

The panel I began in 2008 featured primarily technological motifs: airplanes, hot air baloons, helicopter, space shuttle (as well as a large bear since this is the Hidden Bear Ranch). Upon reflection it felt silly not to depict local subjects like cattle ranching as well as local fauna and game, so this year have commenced the Second Site featuring cowboys, deer, elk, pickups, campers, and cattle. The images ate the Second Site are also geared to the patron specifically: their pickup, their camper, their six wheeler.

New carving at the Second Site:

Carving from 2008 as I found it in 2010:

Kenmare News Story About Kevin Sudeith’s Petroglyphs

As I was leaving Salt Lake City last week, I received a voicemail from my host in Kenmare, ND. He said he liked one carving so well that he took his front end loader and moved it to his yard. He also said that the Kenmare News had run a story about me and my carvings.

One of Sudeith’s goals for the project is to tell the story of a particular family in a particular place, using images related to American technology. “It’s a way to honor ancestors and to illustrate the broader history of the area,” he said. “The people here were coming from Scandinavia and took up wheat farming, and then there have been all these technological changes in farming.”

To put it another way, by telling the specific story of a single family one can tell a broader story of America and the history of technology.

North Dakota Details

Below are a few details of my carving in Kenmare, ND.

Chandra Xray Observatory

The only air traffic, besides the hail seeder, and an Air Force Huey supporting the ICBM sites were B52’s based in Minot.

A space shuttle in honor of STS-132 which transpired while I was in ND.

This is an Old Holland 2010 model combine. They look like they were designed by the same person that designs Giro cycling helmets.

Hail Storm

My last night in Kenmare another artist, Harlan Nelson, organized a dinner for me at the Pizza Hub. I was headed to Salt Lake the next day, so that afternoon I was at my main site making impressions. When I left my carving site for dinner it was hot and dry, when I returned after dinner, ping pong ball sized hail had punched holes in the 80# paper that was soaking in the coulee. A silo had blown across the road into a pond across the road. It was a good thing I went to town to eat, effectively driving around severe thunderstorm, because I would have been working unprotected outside intending to tough out the storm.

Before dinner:

After dinner:

Harlan’s friends, both the farmers and the people who lived “in town”, identified with the prints I brought to dinner. I was happy to introduce a cadre of residents to my work, and told people where to find the petroglyph. Lastly, I felt honored by the dinner and I appreciated Harlan organizing it.