Montana Petroglyphs Press

The petroglyphs in Montana are special because they really focus on the story of ancestors in the area. I learned a lot about the family who lived on the site who had lived there for many years. Billings Gazette covered the pieces in 2019 and included some fantastic pictures. The carvings here being the early settlers, the pickup trucks, and father and son tractors. 

There are a couple others at this site as well, as shown in the article. Good read. A PDF version is available on the press page here at petroglyphist.

Printmaking Workshop In Rockaway — Saturday May 4, 2024

On Saturday May 24th, 2024 Rise (Rockaway Initiate for Sustainability and Equity) is hosting an annual Earth Day event where I will be hosting a printmaking workshop. Nearby is my Rockaway Petroglyph which we will be using to make impressions on handmade paper. We will be exploring different printmaking techniques, and possibly the mold making process as well. It goes from 12-4 PM and is open to all ages. Nobody is too young to start learning about the most ancient art form. This is a fun workshop because every participant will be able to go home with their own piece of the rock.

There is a timelapse video available on YouTube that follows the carving of the boulder.

And here is the flyer:
18th Annual Earth Day Rockaway May 4, 2024_042224

North Dakota Petroglyph

Throughout the past few weeks I’ve been working on getting this site up to date. This includes a number of press links, like this one about a petroglyph on a prairie in North Dakota. This petroglyph featured farming technologies from the surrounding area. The carving was meant to point to some of the larger cultural developments while being an ode to the ancestors of the land. The petroglyphs are sported on a perfect boulder that overlooks a field in Kenmare.

Guided Tours in Phippsburg, Maine

This spring/summer staring in May, I will be hosting tours which follow my petroglyph carvings on the Center Pond Preserve Trailhead in Phippsburg. The dates are as follows: May 23rd and 30th, June 14th and 20th, July 2nd and 11th, and August 8th and 13th.


During the tour you’ll see photo realistic images from the surrounding wildlife. Within this series of remarkable life-sized birds native to the region, you’ll see the Great Blue Heron, a Cardinal, a Tree Swallow, a Thrush, a Loon and others. As well as some other imagery like a Mars Helicopter and a Zumwalt Destroyer made in Bath. Walking through, it will feel as if these creatures are in motion, ready to fly off the rock. Sudeith creates time capsules, capturing the activity surrounding the rocks in a language that will forever be digestible to those who come across it.

Great Blue Heron Petroglyph

Where: Center Pond Preserve Trailhead, 125 Parker Head Road, Phippsburg, ME 43°48’53.4″N 69°48’35.3″W

Groups may call 800-781-0153 or email to schedule a walk at other times.

Contact info:

(800) 781-0153

To donate to the project check out this page here

Great Blue Heron

In Phippsburg, we did a carving of the Great Blue Heron. Fun fact: Their chest feathers consistently grow and fray, turning into this powder that helps clean off fish slime. The quiet in this part of Maine is unbeat and carving birds inspired by the surroundings was spectacular.

Helicopter and War Ship

Also in Phippsburg, I took the time to carve some lasting inspirations including a Mars helicopter, a Zumwalt Destroyer war ship and some secret concentric circles. 

The sunlight happened to fall between the trees perfectly when I took these photos and the color of the fall leaves accented the carvings mightily.

Phippsburg Update

For the past four years, aside from the pandemic interruption, I’ve been working in Maine. The Phippsburg Land Trust allowed me to create some permanent pieces on land near Parker Head Road. The carvings acting as a bird watching guide, showcasing life-size birds native to the region. 

I carved a Great Blue Heron, a Cardinal, a Tree Swallow, a Thrush, and a Loon. I enjoyed capturing everyday occurrences like, birds carrying worms, taking off in flight, or flying through the air. These took quite some time, not to complain, the site was beautiful. That is why I am gladly going back this Spring/Summer to host some guided tours.